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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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that may not be decided until just before the convention. but with that, this should be a big night for bernie sanders here. she expected to do well. it doesn't mean that this is a runaway for him or even a lock for hillary clinton's campaign. her campaign said they are focusing on loonlt voters, looking for a big trount turnout in southern colorado. the delegates here are awarded on a percent of the vote. so it all adds up to that final map. three or four delegates in each precinct can be a big win. the metro area, jefferson county, denver, they could all show how far enthusiasm goes. but you might get a better idea who d will like as their presidential
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the caucusing starts at 7:00. so we'll have an update for you at 10:00. the candidates spend today making a last-minute push for voters. donald trump started his way with a rally in ohio. ted cruz voted in his home state of texas. hillary clinton started her morning in minnesota. a state that sanders has visited frequently and hoping to win. >> while it is early right now, we're starting tow get a picture of how this night is going to play out. let's look at the 13 states that are voting tonight. most of them are southern states where cruz said he would do well with the evangelical voter. polls just closed in alabama, massachusetts, tennessee, and oklahoma. cbs is reporting that trump and clinton are picking up tennessee. and massachusetts also is going for trump. no one
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but with half the delegates on the republican side and a third on the democratic side up for grabs, this is a crucial point in the campaign. most of the states ole out delegates. the marginal vict vee important. in if trump finishes a close 2nd, he picks up almost as many delegates as cruz. hillary clinton is expecting big wins in texas and several southern states where african americans make up a large percentage of the voters. but bernie sanders says he thinks he can win tonight, including colorado. if he does, it signals a drawn out domination process. cbs is projecting that donald trump will win georgia. and it is too
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virginia and vermont. the sanders takes his home state of vermont. a man is in critical condition following a shooting in denver around 3:00 pm outside a home on columbine street near 35th and york. police have not released any information on the victim or the suspect. a director from the university of colorado at boulder is on paid leave after being accused of rape. police say he took a former student home from a bar in january and sexually assaulted her. the victim took an uber ride home then gave police the suspect's address. two people are arrested following a fire in westminster. these men were trying to make hash oil. the fire started last
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on 73rd near sheridan. four people were inside at the time. >> reporter: they asked us to leave here just a short time ago. when we said we wouldn't, the police were called. we told them we had every right to be here to report on this incident last night. marijuana may be legal but police say what went on here was not. it was about 8:15 last night when the fire broke out in a garage. it was a marijuana operation to create hash. >> when these hash oils are created, there's a number of chemicals. >> reporter: four people were evacuated. two streeted on the scene for smoke inhalation.
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homeowner and her renter were arrested. >> made it illegal to posses products that you manufacture hash oil with. >> reporter: in 2006, there were more than 30 hash related explosions and fires in this state. last eded to reeves is commander of the drug task force. >> enormous grows inside residences and neighborhoods, and truly respond to the community outcry. that's been a tremendous dream of the law enforcement. >> reporter: testing still has to be done on the chemicals that
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an update on a mobile home fire in aurora. a home engulfed in flames on north billings. investigators say the fire started on the stove and spread. no one was inside but neighbors feared the flames would spread. >> my neighbors are great. that one right there woke me up. i jumped up, and out of my kitchen window i saw -- not daylight! fire. so first thing i did was turn the oxygen off. >> crews put out the flames in about 20 minutes but the home is destroyed. action tonight on some parking tickets the city of denver is handing out. this follows a cbs 4 investigation. >> just last night we showed
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is setting them up to fail when now a councilman says issues raised in our investigation are being addressed. >> as long as somebody stays right behind. >> reporter: he says the cbs 4 investigation raised questions that need to be answered. >> use some judgment here. >> reporter: we found signs around the city directing people to park there adjacent to fire hydrants, so people get tickets for parking near a hydrant. parking agents gave out 16 tickets here in the last two months. on the 500 block of grant street, a sign says you can park here, but the sign is right next to a hydrant. >> they insisted there was no confusion. >> i think the signs are understandable. >> reporter: this councilman says there are clearly problems.
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for obeying the signs. >> reporter: mixed messages. he said he parked here for an hour, by by doing, that he was within 10 feet of this hydrant and subject to a ticket. >> they should have put a red stripe at the curb. >> reporter: even more bizarre, we found many spaces are within 10 feet of a hydrant, subjecting drivers to possible tickets. >> they either need to move the sign. >> reporter: he was surprised by this space. >> do not give them a ticket if they're following what's there. >> reporter: and you cannot park within 10 feet of a hydrant. it's against the law in denver. they are working on this with the fire department and dev public works, and he is very interested in the idea of painting curbs red if that is
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the broncos and their first move in free agency. >> today the team placed the franchise tag on super bowl mvp von miller. and this is really no spries. >> exactly right. now the real work begins. von miller would like to be a bronco for life. now they have to figure out how big his paycheck is gonna be. the broncos placed the exclusive franchise tag on von this morning. that means he can't negotiate with any other team. he'll play as a bronco in 2016 under the tag for about $14 million or the two sides the agree by july on a richer, long-term deal. he's getting paid big either way. >> $15 mill a year, i wouldn't
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he get gets to decide what he's gonna do and makes the bank again. >> by tagging von, the broncos can focus their attention on other free agents like malik jackson and brock osweiler. >> good stuff. a new report says sports authority could be timing for bankruptcy any day now. >> two new apartment complexes are set to be built in already taxed denver neighborhoods. why this new concept for housing is not sitting well with the neighbors. >> high pressure continues to dominate the west, including colorado.
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,, ,, ,, two cases of zika are confirmed in colorado. both of the people have recovered. they got the vire after travelling to zika-affected countries. the
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latin america and the caribbean. babies are being born with abnormally small heads. sports authority is selling its stores to dick's sporting goods. sources familiar with the situation say it's just one of several options that are being considered. the company will day. another mitro unit apartment building is planned for the denver area. this time in one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, curtis park. the complex would have up to 56 very small units. only about 320 square feet each. mark taylor is there now. small units but a big controversy. >> reporter: this is what that lot looks like right now.
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basically a gated vibant lot. the developer says with these small units, he plans to market to millennials with low rent and original design. neighbors say it will turn curtis park into a parking nightmare. a developer wants to turn this into this. each unit is 320 square feet and carries a rent of only about $900. an answer to denver's sky high rent problem. but neighbors say there's a catch. >> there's no parking. >> reporter: he says parking is already an issue in this historic neighborhood. because of the lot's low square footage and its zoning, the developer is not required to provide parking. neighbors believe they are taking advantage of a loophole. >> ideally we would like the developer to reconsider the no park or the number of units.
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the microunit apartment complex is approximately one block from the light rail system stop and incorporates amenities. >> reporter: the entire project approval. but homeowners hope it's done responsibly. >> >> we did reach out to the city of denver to talk about that zoning law in question. it's meant to encourage small lot reinvestment and has only been applied once in the last six years. neighbors hope that zoning law gets amended to
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denver city council approved the sale of a small area of land that will also be developed into mikro apartments. you're talking about being windy tomorrow! >> it's gonna be windy. jet stream coming over the eastern plains. that's gonna translate into some gusty winds in the city. you can see a couple of rain or snow showers. that's what the big picture shows. we do have some moisture sitting over here in the west, and that is pushing into denver. but this high pressure will continue to move in, and that's gonna take that track and push it over our state. mostly cloudy and sunshine, not much in the way of moisture at all. the moisture is found back east, showers and thunderstorms. we have had some severe thunderstorm warnings go out. and it is heavy to the north of us. that's where all the action is.
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autothe gusts for the winds we expect. gusty in the foothills. 30 and 40 miles an hour. watch the color just move down the front range into the metro area. 10:30, 10:00 am tomorrow morning, you can see constituent and 30 mile an hour gusts all over this area for most of the day. 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm they relax a little bit. but still gusty at 25 miles an hour in the city. 52 and 50 right now. still pretty nice. a sunset from steamboat. and the moon is setting behind that is. tonight's lows mostly in the 20s and 30s. teens and 20s for the high country.
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and 30s out west. warmer tomorrow but windy with 50s and 60s. 70s over the southeast. 40s for the mountains. 50s and 60s elsewhere. tonight partly cloudy skies, tomorrow gusty, 64 and 62 for the high. and we'll stay in the 60s through saturday when we have girls of science, a great event, sunday 73 degrees. how brock osweiler's next contract might have gotten a
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the broncos have placed the exclusive franchise tag on von miller. now the team can turn its attention to other free agents, and two names are atop that list. malik jackson was a huge cause for the unity in
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he's an unrestricted free agent and he's made no bones about it, he wants to get paid. the other priority is brock osweiler. with only seven starts under his belt, his value is harder to figure. >> i sigh the same thing i see in him. he can relate to everybody in the locker room. brock is really one of the guys who goes out there and leads. >> the philadelphia eagles have resigned sam bradford, two years for $36 million. not bad for a guy with a history of injuries, eye losing record, and no playoff appearances. what do you think the broncos should do with brock osweiler? pay him the big bucks? try to strike a bargain deal?
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down another quarterback. mike mcintire has supplied him for violating team policy. he started in the final two games of last season. cu does open spring practice tomorrow in boulder. >> i thought about that, yes. are you kidding me? all those kids on spring break? but i have talked about doing somewhere on a weekend. chapman has accepted a 30-game suspension under the new domestic violence policy. he was never charged but was under investigation. jose reyes has
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trial april 4th. coors field had the most in the national league last se today the team announced some interesting changes. they're raising parts of the outfield wall. the wall from center field to the scoreboard fwh right will be raised eight feet. both dgszs will be -- additions will be chain link to not block the fans' views. and the colorado open now is the largest of any state in the country. that includes $100,000 for the champion. >> let's make it interesting. you and i, one shot from 100 yards away. if i win, you give
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win, you get 0% of my winnings. i guess that's what i get for open champion. i hope you have that kind of success in august. >> i'm gonna work on it a little bit more. >> that's fun though! >> $100,000 for the winner is like $70,000 more than any other state open. a redevelopment project will be transforming an old mine the plan to turn it into a major tourist spot.
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>> part of the plan is to include a greenway trail along the creek. eventually the plan is to connect summit and jefferson counties. bank robbers in denver


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